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Support some of the best craft breweries in the world by becoming a Wisconsin Beer Lover member of the Wisconsin Brewers Guild. The Guild's mission is to strengthen Wisconsin’s craft breweries and brewpubs as well as the businesses who support us by creating a network that promotes, educates, and advocates for its members and for the people who enjoy our products.

Note: Membership is for one year based on the anniversary of enrollment.

Member Benefits

  • Receive discounts at member breweries that can be redeemed using the Wisconsin Tap Chaser mobile app.
  • Login to the Wisconsin Tap Chaser to access your digital membership ID card which identifies you as a WiBL Member.
  • VIP Benefits and discounts at Wisconsin Brewers Guild sponsored events
  • Get discounts on member T-shirts (and Wisconsin Beer Gear - Coming Soon!)
  • Get news and updates from all of your favorite Wisconsin breweries and brewpubs

Download the Wisconsin Tap Chaser Mobile App

The Wisconsin Tap Chaser mobile app is a free download that can be used as a guide to explore the breweries and brewpubs of Wisconsin but only WiBL Members can access and redeem discounts at participating breweries.

Member Dues

  • $35 per year

Apply / Renew Online

Feel free to contact us with questions and/or comments.